Secure Cloud Data

Security analysis of your files and URLs for Microsoft and Salesforce
to keep your content is secure and compliant


  • Ease Integration
  • SmartManagement
  • Security Reports & Audits

How do you ensure in the cloud that your data, URLs or emails are free of malware?

Welche Anforderung möchten Sie lösen?

  • Sicherstellen, dass keine verseuchten Dateien in ihre Cloud geladen werden?
  • Sicherstellen, dass keine verseuchten Urls aufgerufen werden?
  • Laufendes Reporting der Risks?

How can you implement your compliance requirements in the cloud?

GENOA are experts in Mobile IT & Cyber Security. The cloud does not reduce the risk of end users being compromised or endpoints being infected. Although your content is securely hosted in the cloud, targeted attacks or simple human error can still allow an attacker to access your data.

We provide solutions to complement and strengthen the security features provided by the cloud provider, reducing the risk posed by files and URLs uploaded by users.

What is your need?

  • Ensure that no contaminated files are uploaded to your cloud?
  • Ensure that no contaminated urls are accessed?
  • Ongoing reporting of the risks?

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