Endpoint Productivity

Sync and share of business documents on all devices
secure and easy between companies, partners and systems


  • Immediately applicable
  • ONE APP for iOS, Android, Windows 10, MAC
  • AUTOMATIC notification of changes
  • CENTRAL control of storage locations
  • Connectors to Microsoft Sharepoint, Files Shares, Dropbox
  • TRACKING and reporting of activities
  • RED LINE Support
  • Active Directory integrated
  • Automatic synchronization

How secure and easy are you to exchange documents with your customers and suppliers?

We offer ready-to-use solutions for simple and secure document exchange.

GENOA are experts in Mobile IT & Cyber Security. The digital business world is exchanging a large number of documents faster and faster – users use private tools to exchange large files with customers and partners and often store these files in the private cloud, bypassing corporate IT, in order to be able to work together better.


Which challenge would you like to solve?

  • Fast available solution for easy exchange of documents with only one APP on all end devices?
  • Smart, flexible solution for users and IT on the go and integrated at the workplace for best collaboration?
  • Full control and security over already sent documents in the current version?
  • Excellent integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer, Outlook and Office applications?
  • Guaranteed delivery of the latest documents?


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