GENOA Professional Mobility Rollout©

Ready-to-use mobile devices for users,
guaranteed, safe and fast for companies,
easy for IT.
Conception - Implementation - Support


  • Online Projectplan
  • Templates
  • Training for IT
  • Server configurationen
  • Quick Start Guides

How quickly can you ensure that your mobile devices are ready for use?

Structured and guided method with general staff planning to design ready-to-use mobile devices for users,
guaranteed, secure and fast for companies, easy for IT. Implementation with the GENOA 3 step method (conception – implementation – support).

The GENOA Mobility Rollout includes 1x starter workshop, 1x conception, 1x task planning, 2x IT training, 1x rollout support, 1x aftercare, 1x GENOA Mobility Rollout Consulting user license for the duration of the project.

A. Concept Workshop for Mobility Rollout
– Project Kick-Off
– Live-DEMO GENOA Mobile Automation
– Definition of the objective (result state for the user, the IT or the company)
– Definition of technical and organizational preparations
– Definition of mobility processes (in particular activation, deletion, migration)
– IT training
– Task planning and project management
– Provision of documentation/guides for users
– Analysis of the organizational and GEO structure
– Identification and categorization of rollout groups (self-service, supported, VIP)

B. Implementation support for the rollout
– Continuous monitoring and support of IT
– Fine tuning of the systems

C. Aftercare
– Planned consultation hours
– QuickTickets for HowTo support for IT

– Achievement of objectives as quickly as possible
– Risk minimization with regard to project budget
– Prevention of communication losses between management, iT, external partners and technology
– Validation of critical requirements in advance
– User acceptance

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