GENOA Service Manager ©

Smart B2B portal to buy & manage from
Managed Services in Mobile IT & Cyber Security.

simple - flexible - plannable


  • Pay per Use
  • 1-Klick De-/Activation
  • Immediate deployment
  • Plannable per month
  • Avoidance of license expirations
  • price stability
  • Monthly B2B invoice
  • Cost Center Report
  • All information at one point (for absences), for example, leave, sick leave, personnel change
  • Automatic notification
  • Role-based administration
  • Multi Country/Telecom Provider Support
  • GDPR compliant

How many portals do you have for your managed services?

Business processes are becoming more and more automated and networked. The change from traditional IT services and licenses to managed services is being accelerated by digitization. We therefore offer a smart B2B portal for the administration and purchase of Managed Services in the area of Mobile IT & Cyber Security.

The GENOA Service Manager © enables the necessary flexibility for a pay-per-use model according to your needs.

Our expertise in Mobile IT & Cyber Security, our global teams and our direct contact to manufacturers are an important factor for these digital services.

3 good reasons for choosing the GENOA Service Manager ©

  • Pay per use model with monthly B2B billing at the end of the month by cost centre
  • 1-click deactivation/activation – plannable per month
  • Automatic notification with documentation at one point

New services can thus be made available to you easily and transparently for use.

In 3 steps to the GENOA Service Manager ©

1. registrieren 2. Vereinbarung anfordern 3. Managed Services aktivieren

GENOA Service Manager © - simple, flexible and plannable

In the smart B2B portal you can easily manage and buy Maneged Services. In the pay-per-use model, mobile IT & cyber security services can be used quickly according to your needs.