• Protected Endpoints: > 50.0000
  • Clients: >800 (Size 50- 150.000)
  • Main Sectors: Financials, Industries, Health Care, Engineering, Public Sector
  • Head Quarter in: LINZ, AUSTRIA (EU)
  • Operations in: 30 Countries
  • Grade of Digitalization: 90%
  • Owner: 100% private Company
  • Founded in: 1996

Smart Services for a digital business world

Use software, prozesses und endpoint smart and secure.

GENOA offers services for the easy and secure use of business software on all endpoints such as servers, PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, wearables, throughout the digital process

Networking and automation are advancing at a rapid pace, and classic IT infrastructures are reaching their limits. The requirements for the new workplace of the employees are manifold, requiring a high degree of flexibility, mobility and security. The ecological footprint is also becoming more and more of an issue in IT.

The “Digital Workplace secure and mobile" is an ongoing complex challenge for many companies – GENOA offers Enterprise services to protect and manage digital life (assets) on all IT endpoints according to their compliance according to their compliance and security requirements.



Guided by values

The companies are 100% owner-managed. The leadership is done with the goal of a sustainable business, with the satisfaction of the customers.

What is GENOA standing for?

GENOA Smart Services protect your digitial prozesses, data, software on all endpoints.

The “Digital Workplace secure & mobile" is an ongoing complex challenge – GENOA offers for the protection of the digital assets of the company Managed Services, Consulting and Professional Services for the following areas

     1. Endpoint management – UEM deployment, maintenance, configuration

     2. Endpoint security – protection, detection & response – vulnerability

     3. Cloud security for Microsoft and Salesforce

     4. Endpoint productivity – secure file sharing & collaboration

The GENOA team and an eco-system of partners provide solutions on demand.

How does GENOA guarantee success?

The GENOA services are optimal for the interaction of these 3 pillars. This 360 ° view enables the right package at a guaranteed fixed price per request. The consistent 360 ° view of these 3 pillars and the interplay enables guaranteed GENOA services to be provided.



"Employee productivity can be increased by up to 54% through mobility."

Fast, mobile access to your corporate data guaranteed anytime, anywhere. So you can edit your tasks directly and use waiting times.



"Serve your corporate data with one touch."

Mobile work is only accepted if the system is intuitive to use and tailored to the users’ situational needs, not the other way around.



"More than 60% of mobile data is not statistically protected."

Have you ever thought about the impact of losing company data on smartphones and tablets?

GENOA net works
IT-Beratungs GmbH

Experts in Mobility & Cyber Security

GENOA Smart Services secure your digital processes, data and software on all endpoints.

GENOA have been experts in Mobile IT & Cyber Security for more than 20 years. With the GENOA Professional Enterprise Mobility Management Integration we offer a guaranteed optimally functioning, ready-to-use EMM system based on your requirements within 14 days.

The experience of more than 1,000 projects enables rapid implementation according to GENOA best practice standards, intelligent configurations, and easy handling by IT.

GENOA Mobility Check is a brand and in-house development of the GENOA and offers a mobile positioning to increase productivity with more user-friendliness, security and efficiency. The technology was used among others at Austria's largest provider A1 as an A1 digitization analysis.

Our Vision

Your Digital Workplace - secure und mobile by GENOA

Our Mission

Leading provider of smart managed services in mobile IT and cyber security for the digital business world. Easy and safe use.

Our Strategy

Smart Services for a Secure Digital Business World.

GENOA International GmbH

Experts in Mobility & Cyber Security

GENOA develope and distribute Enterprise Mobility Software for Enterprise Customers worldwide.

GENOA  are experts in Mobile IT & Cyber Security for more than 20 years.

The experience of more than 1,000 projects enables rapid implementation according to GENOA best practice standards, intelligent configurations, and easy handling by IT.

GENOA International GmbH is part of the GENOA Group and is a 100% subsidiary of GENOA net works IT-Beratungs GmbH based in Austria /Europe. The focus is on the developed GENOA Transformer © software, which acts as a mid-dleware and enables BlackBerry Work for IBM Domino / Traveler customers. The largest global reseller is BlackBerry. The leader of worldclass security solutions (e.g. BlackBerry Dynamics) is BlackBerry.

GENOA Transformer ©  is a trademark of  GENOA.

Our Vision


We make standard software for standard software to use the standard for companies, manufacturers, users.

Our Mission


Watch. Learn. Improve. Already at the beginning the end have in mind.

Our Strategy


We focus on the essentials and deliver Mobility software in the best quality for daily use.