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How much potential does your mobile digital workplace have?

Performance increase for companies with the
GENOA #MobileDigitalWorkplace Check.

The management report provides concrete budgets and Potentials for improvement or cost savings.

The basis is the structured analysis of software applications, processes and security for the mobile digital workplace.

Do you know your cyber security risk?

How do you determine if you have vulnerabilities? Do you know if you have already been hacked?

GENOA is an expert in cyber security. With GENOA Cyber Security Services, we continually provide vulnerability reports, identify high-risk, provide technical details, coordinate remediation, and provide professional remediation services.

The permanent monitoring of the IT infrastructure includes the earliest possible detection of cyber attacks, including emergency alerting and automatic protection, as well as the GENOA Cyber Security Service.

How do you ensure the Mobility Lifecycle?

From employee entry to activation of devices to the GDPR compliant state?

GENOA is an expert in mobile IT. There are a variety of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions on the market such as Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry, MobileIron. Whether Apple iPhone, Google Android Enterprise, Mac OS or Microsoft Windows 10 – we know all the technologies. Our job is to facilitate a smooth communication with the desired security standards.

The GENOA Managed Mobility Services support you in the definition of the requirements, their implementation and the lifecycle up to the mobile end device.

Our GENOA Enterprise Mobility Management for guaranteed use at your site or in the cloud is available as a service at a guaranteed fixed price.

Currently heavy requested services

On the basis of market trends, the following services were in frequent requested again and again.

Mobility Management

EMM-Integration by Experts

We know all technologies, no matter which platform
whether Microsoft, Blackberry, MobileIron.

Infrastructure Mobility

Operation and Maintenance EMM-Systeme

We offer services for all systems, business apps, (iOS, Android, Mac, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Mobileiron)


IT-Vulnerabilities found

How well can you identify, fix, and report vulnerabilities as risk reports?

Device Deployment

Lifecycle for Devices

How stressful and time consuming is the deployment of mobile devices in your business?

Our References

The business partners of GENOA are successful, internationally and nationally operating companies, from the sectors: industry, production, trade, banking, insurance.