Highest security with ISO/IEC 27001


  • Highest DATA SECURITY at GENOA against unauthorized access and loss
  • Audited information security management system with(ISMS) the goals of confidentiality, availability and integrity
  • Permanent analysis and improvement of our internal processes
  • Integration of our high security standard into the daily work of all employees
  • Regular training and audits

GENOA is certified according to ISO 27001.

This internationally recognized label certifies that we comply with the highest standards of information security – something we are proud of.

Anyone who has experience with a certification like this knows that

… it is not done in a few weeks

… in the course of certification all internal standards are questioned and evaluated

… you can only be successful if all team members actively support the project

… even well-established processes can still be optimized 


Documents on ISO 27001:

We are happy to show customers and interested parties how we implement the ISMS and the ISO 27001 standards at GENOA and provide this information as a download.